Sunday, September 7, 2014

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Morning Meeting by Ava and Grace

At morning meeting, we do greeting, games and last, we share summer artifacts.  The sharing schedule is Monday - Millinda, Maggies and Buzz, Tuesday - Eme, Spencer and Jordan, Wednesday - Ryker, Alessandro and Jake, Thursday - Will, Caleb and Grace, and Friday - Sydney, Kevin, Jayden and Ava.  One of our greetings in class is the handshake greeting (when you shake your hands and greet each other).  Another greeting is the rolly ball greeting.  You say the person's name and then greet them and roll them the ball.  The last greeting is the high five.
Some of our games in our morning meetings are silent challenges, when you have a task that you have to complete but you have to be silent.  Another game is Cold Wind Blows - students wit in a circle with one chair missing.  The student in the middles says, "The Cold Wind blows for anyone who likes ice cream."  If you like ice cream you have to switch chairs and move at least two chairs over.

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Science News by Will and Caleb

Good evening fellow scientists!  Today we experienced what happens when you put Grape Nuts in seltzer water.  Our theory was "The Grape Nuts will sink, bubble and dissolve."  What really happened was the Grape Nuts started bouncing up and down while bubbling.  This happened because the bubbles lifted the Grape Nuts and when the bubbles reach the surface, the bubbles pop once again and the Grape Nuts sink.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Silent Challenges by Jake and Alessandro

You are probably wondering what a silent challenge is.  Well, a silent challenge is a contest to see how well we can cooperate together.

We have broken many records this year.
Grouping together by shirt color - 59.9 sec.
Lining up in birthday order - 1:51 sec.  beat the old record of 3:43
Grouping together by favorite summer activity - 1:27
Colored Dot game - 1:05 We need to beat the old record of 42 sec.

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Gym Report by Jayden and Buzz

Before we do anything at gym, we stretch.  Today we learned how to dribble the soccer ball.  We play different games at gym.  We also run around.

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Art Arrangements by Eme and Maggie

In our most recent art class we drew realistic portraits of ourselves.  Ava and Grace enjoyed drawing portraits of themselves.  Ava said, "I love Art!  It is awesome!"  Eme feels that art is the only place where she can be more creative with her drawing.  Some kids did projects they hope to do again this year.  Millinda said, "I hope to draw abstract."  Sydney said, "I hope to draw plants and animals." As you can tell, Art is a very creative place.

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Recess Report by Ryker and Spencer

Today at recess, most people played soccer.  Other people relaxed or played wall ball.  Ryker jammed his thumb playing soccer.  He went to the nurse and got it iced.  Spencer played goalie at soccer.

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Tonight we have some guest blog authors:

Hopes and Dreams by Sydney and Millinda

Our class has been working on our hopes and dreams for fifth grade for the past few days.  Our hopes and dreams include:
"To get better at writing." - Grace
"To learn how to divide decimals." - Will
"To get better at reading." - Eme
"To get better at writing and math." - Maggie
"Being confident through a math test." - Jake
"Getting better at reading one book at a time." - Alessandro
"Reading a variety of different books." - Sydney

Our class's goal is to achieve our hopes and dreams by the end of fifth grade.  Some of our ways to achieve our goals are...
"Being quiet after a test." - Millinda
"Listening to the teacher." - Jayden

Setting a goal is important because after you achieve your goal you feel really proud.